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Garlic slices

Brief Introduction to Management
Since 1981, Fuang Fe Food has officially involved in producing professional-processed food and agricultural products. During food processing, we own completed, modern coherent production procedures and we also have trained workers with professional techniques, we produce our serious products with sincere, professional, hygienic, safe and responsible processing techniques. Our quality has been proven over 30 years and has a good reputation in domestic and international markets.
Fuang Fe serious products have an over 70% market share; our clients are from various areas. Fuang Fe Food upholds to our products with intention, responsibility and enthusiasm in order to supply domestic and international markets the food with real color, flavor and tastesufficiently and provide usages for catering, culinary and food industry from countries all over the world.

Management Vision
The raw materials of the whole range of Fuang Fe Food products are selected carefully from countries all over the world, as fine onions, potatoes, and garlics etc. Each fresh vegetable is picked strictly and processed carefully and our goal is using superb ingredients to offer customers the most natural and healthiest delicious options and let themfreely enjoy natural taste of produce.

We have abundant experiences of processing and OEM more than 30 years and we have advanced technology and hard work of professional workers, hence our products have a good reputation. Till now we have stable growth as well as support, trust and love from our customers. Fuang Fe Foodis honored and thankful for that. We will select our ingredients even more strictly; improve our manufacturingequipment at all times. And we will keep up with our life goal that provides simple, pure, hygienic, healthyand high quality products with rigorous attitude and responsibility.
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Fuang Fe Food Enerprise Co., Ltd

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