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Garlic slices

Professional adding flavor fine product has been enjoyed over than 30 years.
Fuang Fe Fried Shredded Onions  is a wide-accepted adding flavor fine product, can be used at various dishes from countries all over the world, home-made food, instant meals etc. You can add different flavor easily to delicious food by wide
usages and reduce the adding amount of artificial MSG and seasoning agents. You can enjoy delicious food and maintain healthy at the same time. Our product is an essential flavoring helper to people and chefs in modern society.
Fuang Fe uses selected fresh onions through professional and coherent procedures, the techniques and experiences of 30 years professional workers to achieve one bag of golden onion pieces. We also do not add artificial flavors or preservatives to present onion its’ own color, flavor and taste and let gourmets can cook and serve dishes easily.
French Onion Soup, Bolognese Sauce, Curry Meat Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Sa Cha Sauce ,Minced Pork Sauce, Chinese and Western Cuisines Cooking, Shark Fin Thick Soup, Meat fillings, Dumplings, Buns, Lardy Rice, mixing in all kinds of Oil Dough (like Spring Onion Pancake),American Hamburger Patty, fill in BaguetteSandwich ,Flavoring Bread or Premix, Thai Papaya Salad, all kinds of Seafood, Freshwater Fish, Braised Meat, Stewed Dishes, Stir-fried Dishes, Roast Lamb Garnish, Broth, Chinese and Western Breakfast, go with Congee orPorridge, all kinds ofRice Rolls, Fried Japanese Tempura and Miso Soup, Sushi Rolls, Roast Fish Garnish, grindinto paste for mixing in Roast Eel Sauce etc. Fuang Fe Onion Pieces can be applied widely to any cuisines; creative cooks please apply to your own invented ways.
Please store unopened package in cool and dry places or refrigerated rooms. For opened products, please seal them tightly and store them in refrigerator and finish them as soon as possible. Please do not consume expired and off-flavor product.
Expiry DaysG 10 months for unopened bag
SizeG 500grams x 6 bags/carton (Semi-vacuumedAluminum Package); Pocket Bag 25 grams
Main IngredientsG
Fresh Onions, Selected Flour,usage of Healthy Fine Oil certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification and GMP Premium Quality.