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Garlic slices

Fuang Fe Potato Chips select potatoes from Taiwan local species with cares and produced from direct slice of them, and the good flavor has been enjoyed almost 30 years. Fuang Fe pursues to present unique crispness of potato chips, following by professional producing procedures, no harmful preservatives added to meet modern people’s demand of healthy and delicious snacks that you can share with family and friends.
For any conditions to eat directly or go with, ideal for luxurious catering events, boutiques, and conference meetings.
Seal tight after opening to avoid becoming soft from moist; store tight-sealed product in refrigerator and consume promptly. If product become soft, bake it in oven till oil slightly comes out. Please do not consume expired and off-flavor product.
Expiry daysG 8 months for unopened product.
SizeG 400 grams/ 200 grams/ Pocket Bag 15 grams
FlavorG Signature Garlic, Coconut Wasabi,Vegetarian Seaweed, Customized Creative Flavor
CutG Slice/ V-Cut/ Wave
Main IngredientsG
Fresh Potatoes, Spices, usage of Healthy Fine Oil certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification and GMP Premium Quality.