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Garlic slices

Fuang Fe Dehydrated Garlic Slices is processed from fresh garlic, free -peeled and has no garlic unpleasant flavor and it is natural prepared food which still maintains pure garlic nutrients. It allows you to pair food to eat with, meanwhile it is available and it keeps you and your stomach healthy, adding color, flavor to your delicious food and moreover it’s truly healthy prepared food with easy access for modern busy people.
People from Europe and the US use garlic slice very often, they sprinkle adequate amount of garlic slice over cooked dishes, raw food and salad. By doing that not only make your food taste better and have sterilizing effect but also enhance the color and flavor of your dishes and let you eat happily and healthily.
This food is processed from real and fresh garlic in Taiwan, and no artificial flavors and preservatives are added. This is just the new trend of healthy, safe, simple, hygienic and natural food in modern society.
Ideal for Garnish with Steak, Salad, adding flavor for All Kinds of Dishes, Food Plating, Sausage Garnish, Sandwich, Savory Bread Snacks, Western PIZZA Garnish, Japanese Sashimi, Chinese Mullet Roe, garnish for Chinese Rice and Congee etc. Please eat it with other food, eat it alone gives you a typical garlic spiciness.
Please store unopened package in cool and dry places or refrigerated rooms. For opened products, please seal them tightly and store them in refrigerator and finish them as soon as possible. Please do not consume expired and off-flavor product.
Expiry DaysG 10 months for unopened product.
SizeG 500grams x 6 bags/carton (semi-vacuumedaluminum package); Pocket Bag 30 grams.
Main IngredientsG Dried directly from Selected Fresh Garlic.