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Garlic slices

Fuang Fe Fried Garlic Slices is processed directly by frying selected fresh garlic and combined with professional processing techniques and procedures which are derivedfrom over 30 years’ experience in order to reserve unique garlic aroma and eating convenience; it enables you to get away from troubles and inconveniences of preparing and frying garlic. Moreover, Fuang Fe does not add extra artificial
flavors and preservatives for healthy and delicious purpose. Fried Garlic Slice is ideal for pairing all kinds of dishes from countries all over the world, from Chinese quick fried food, American steak garnish to eating with Japanese Fried food, they are all go well!
Ideal for Garnish with Steak, Salad, adding flavor for All Kinds of Dishes, Food Plating, Sausage Garnish, Sandwich, Savory Bread Snacks, Western PIZZA Garnish, Japanese Sashimi, Chinese Mullet Roe, and garnish for Chinese Rice and Congee etc.
Please store unopened package in cool and dry places or refrigerated rooms. For opened products, please seal them tightly and store them in refrigerator and finish them as soon as possible. Please do not consume expired and off-flavor product.
Expiry DaysG 6 months for unopened product.
SizeG 500grams x 6 bags/carton (Semi-vacuumedAluminum Package); Pocket Bag 30 grams.
Main IngredientsG
Selected Fresh Garlic, usage of Healthy Fine Oil certified by ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification and GMP Premium Quality.